Special Event – Meditation and Personal Birth Star Mantra

Class Schedule and Descriptions

Basics and Meditation

Mondays 6:30pm-7:30pm

Come back to the “Beginning” exploring alignment with an open mind. Meditation will follow the practice.

Hot Yoga

Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm & Saturdays 8:30am-10am

A Vinyasa flow class done in 95-100 degrees temperatures. The heat enhances the extension of the muscles and ligaments, and provides cardiovascular benefits. Be prepared to sweat. Bring own mat, towel, and water.

Empower Yoga

Wednesdays 8:30am-10am

A class for students who have some Yoga experience. Linking breath and movement will be emphasized through the practice of the Sun Salutations combined with the standing postures. Inversions will be introduced.


10-class pass: $100
Drop-in: $15
Cash or checks payable to Studio Deeplyart. No credit or debit cards are accepted. We appreciate your understanding.


At Yoga Studio Deeplyart, we use of props to enhance the Yoga experience. Props can both deepen your practice and make poses more attainable when assistance is needed. Here you will find mats, blankets, Yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, chairs, and more to make your Yoga practice that much more enjoyable.


Wear comfortable clothing that allows movement. Bare feet.